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What is Thumb Pro?

Tap into Thumb’s mobile community to get hundreds of authentic responses from real people in seconds

Get instant feedback on

  • Ad creative & copy
  • Product design
  • New products and services
  • Concepts
  • Pitches & story writing
  • New designs
  • Pre-study testing
  • Pricing
  • Quick polls

How does it work?

Use our simple website or mobile tool to ask any question, anywhere, anytime

Ask a Question Quickly

Pick your target demo and ask them your question.

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Get Instant Results

Get hundreds of authentic responses in seconds.

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Interact with Responders

Follow up with responders in a one-on-one conversation.

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What do the numbers show?

Thumb has an engaged mobile community ready to respond to any question

Heavy Usage


Growing Community to Target


Simple plans for every budget.


Who is talking?

Find out why the press and business community love Thumb

“Top 50 Tech Tools for 2012”

“Thumb is so hot, it’s twice as
addictive as Pinterest”

“7 Social Network to Watch
in 2013”

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