Thumb Story

A few years ago Thumb was incubated with the goal of helping people get instant opinions while shopping. After launching the concept in 2010, we were surprised to find that people wanted to use the Thumb to get and give feedback in virtually every area of life (music, artwork, shopping, hairstyles, relationships, movies, food, etc.). When combining the breadth and speed of these shared opinions, tons of simultaneous conversations were sparked around things that mattered. And just as quickly, those conversations turned into meaningful connections between like-minded individuals.

Today, Thumb is a place where you’ll discover interesting things and people via an insanely engaging and instantaneous experience.

If you aren’t yet a member, we welcome you to join a vibrant community that loves engaging in the simple act of thumbing to help others, to express their unique persona, and to connect with like-minds.

If you are a member of the Thumb community… thank you. We promise to practice true product craftsmanship and to cultivate a culture of service to the Thumb community.

Thumb Details


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Call (888) 292-8855 or email partners@thumb.it

Customer Service:

Email help@thumb.it